Finding that smell that makes you feel elevated, inspired and confident is the key to finding your signature scent. Narrative Lab fine fragrances are built around these themes: earth, forest, ocean and midnight. Inspired by natural textures, nature's colour palette and our favourite fragrance memories.

Our fragrances are complex and luxurious and have layers of different notes that release throughout the day. The top notes are the first thing you smell when the fragrance is fresh, the heart notes are like a second wave that evolves on your skin throughout the day and the base notes are the grounding woods and deep tones that linger the longest.

To help you navigate the fragrance that best represents you; your passions and identity, we’ve grouped our fragrances into key themes:

EARTH - Fresh and floral

You like fragrances that make you feel fresh and elegant. You love nothing more than a bouquet of fresh flowers in your house. 

OCEAN - Light and airy

You love the fresh air, sounds of waves and walking along the sand at the beach. You don’t like fragrances that are too strong, but more light and fresh.

FOREST - Woody and bold

You like strong fragrances, ones with deep rich tones and woody highlights. You like the smell of the forest, trees and being out in nature. 

MIDNIGHT - Rich, dark and romantic

You like moody fragrances, ones with richness and depth that remind you of your favourite liquor. 

If you're looking to create something unique of your own, all our fragrances can be blended together and layered to create a complex fragrance just for you.

If you're still unsure, let us help you! Our fragrance experts can suggest a Narrative Lab fragrance that you'll love, without the nasties, based on a fragrance you're already using. 
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