Too often we wake in the morning and reach for our phone, coffee or simply start the day rushing out the door. What if you could change that script and take a moment to set your intentions for the day ahead? We believe that every day is an opportunity to go forward with quiet confidence, that everything will unfold exactly as it should. 

Narrative Lab fragrance is the daily ritual you need to take back your morning, your day... your life. Own it! 

How our narrative started

It all began on a trip to Hong Kong, with the quest to find an amazing coffee (we're from Melbourne so i.e we're #coffeesnobs :) 
Thanks to good ol' Beanhunter we landed up at a place ranked number 2 in the area (our first choice was closed!) What we didn't realise is this cafe (our second preference) would soon become an instant inspiration; the very name for our business was written on the menu! It was then at the table that our ideas collided into one lightbulb moment and Narrative Lab was born.

Narrative Lab is a blend of the Founders' passions; to create a customisable fragrance that can change everyday, to inspire you to be the best version of yourself. To be your morning pep talk and your encourager - all through the amazing power of scent.

This is our story, our narrative that we are continuing to write and that we are encouraging you to write with us.

Over to you...