Solid Fragrance

Each solid fragrance palette comes with three fragrances, built upon the same heart notes of the base fragrance.
Swivel open your vessel and apply your fragrance any way you want! You can apply the base first and then layer with subtle or intense highlights. Or you might choose to only apply the subtle or intense highlights! 
There's no right or wrong way to use your solid wax perfume.
Parfum Oil Rollerball

Your travel-friendly rollerball is the perfect size to throw into your bag or pocket and take wherever you go. It's as simple as rolling on to your pulse points; your wrist or neck. It's also a great top-up option for your solid throughout the day. 
   Parfum Oil Dropper
Your convenient and stylish dropper bottle with concentrated parfum drops can be applied straight to your wrist, neck or hair.
You will only need one or two drops of the non-greasy plant-based oil, which develops on your skin throughout the day, releasing the fragrance gradually.
It also acts as a handy refill for your rollerball.