3 Ways Fragrance Can Give You A Pick-Me-Up!

1. The Power Of Morning Rituals

While our daily commute may have changed from a car drive in traffic to a stroll to the dining table 'home office', we need to create new rituals to define our day. Daily rituals help to create a sense of normalcy; because as humans, our brains crave routine. Perfume gives weight to your morning and helps shift your headspace, so you are ready for the work day to begin.

2. Remind Yourself Of Who You Are

Pre-pandemic, we would wear fragrances to create a good impression in front of others, for confidence and identity. While the role of fragrance has changed, it is still just as important. Applying your favourite perfume can reinforce your sense of self, and remind you of who you are. While there might not be anyone else around to smell the scent, you’ll know it’s there – and the mental health benefits are priceless.

3. Boost Your Mood

Fragrance is a great way to boost your mood for a few reasons - the main ones being nostalgia and the actual fragrance notes themselves. The scent of the lemon and bergamot, found in our Awaken fragrance, can help to reduce stress, relieve anxiety, and improve your mood.

The nostalgia element of fragrance is so powerful, also known as 'The Proust Effect'. It is the power of smell to evoke memories and emotions. This is made even more powerful in the current world we live in where the pandemic means overseas travel and visiting loved ones is mostly off the table. We can escape our homes for a moment through the power of scent.

Feeling like escaping to a bar in New York City?! Try The Calling Parfum Oil. Or maybe you have Italy on your mind? Let Crushing It Solid Fragrance take you there.

Give it a go and see how you feel!