Why we started

“We love unique, creative, beautiful products – we are obsessed with creating cool products that we would use ourselves.” 

We’re the trio who worked on social enterprise business, Thankyou, and now together, we’ve brought you Narrative Lab! Narrative Lab evolved out of our passions; to create a luxurious fragrance collection made from plant-based oils, minus the nasties, minus the impact on the environment, that’s actually good for your skin and mindset. (Well that’s a mouthful!) 

For so long the perfume industry has been dominated by the multinationals that fill their products with alcohol and other nasty ingredients to keep their costs down. (Let’s not even get started on their sexualised advertising and so called “aspirational” content!) This industry needed a shake-up! 

So we created skin-loving alternatives made from plant-based ingredients like coconut oil and safflower seed oil, that nourish your skin as your signature fragrance develops gradually throughout the day.  

We’re conscious about reducing our impact on the environment, however we can, so our solids and rollerballs are refillable and reusable. Our collection is free from alcohol, parabens, phthalates, is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. In other words, it doesn’t get more giftable than that!

We’ve named each fragrance strategically because we want you to wear your Narrative Lab signature scent with confidence, inspired to be the best version of yourself.

You might be drawn to a particular fragrance because of its name, for example ‘Crushing It’, or choose to uplift and gift someone who needs to hear it (like ‘Fearless’!). Too often we can let negative words and thoughts dominate our actions and how we live, but our hope is that as you apply your fragrance, you feel uplifted and encouraged, and start to write (or re-write) your own Narrative.

We hope you enjoy our collection!

Joel, Nicole and Jarryd