We worked closely with an amazing third-generation perfumer and leading perfume house to create a whole new fine fragrance experience.

Inspired by natural textures, nature's colour palette and our favourite fragrance memories, Narrative Lab fine fragrances are built around four quadrants; Earth, Forest, Mist and Midnight. Exploring spicy and woody tones through to green, water and fruity expressions, our fragrances are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, for a few reasons.

We’ve disrupted the perfume industry by introducing a fragrance range that’s suitable for all skin types, made from plant-based oils and minus the nasties and alcohol you’ll find in most popular brands on shelf. Our range consists of both solid perfumes and parfum oils, designed for a convenient and luxurious experience. Apply Narrative Lab wherever you are, and discreetly top up throughout the day. 

We’ve made sure to reduce our impact on the environment where we can, designing our rollerballs and solid perfume vessels to be refillable and reusable. Our BASE Oil is your all-in-one dehydrated skin solution, designed to hydrate all over and enhance your chosen signature scent through fragrance layering. 

It is said that smell has the best memory of all the senses, a fragrance can evoke a memory or a dream of something yet to be realised. Let your Narrative Lab signature scent be your daily inspiration as you apply it.



Working in the personal care industry for many years, we discovered a very scary fact about the lack of regulations in Australia for what ingredients can be used in both fragrances and consumer products.

That’s why we make ingredient choices with very careful and conscious thought. We are vegan friendly, we don’t use animal by-products and our fragrances are not tested on animals. We have a clearly defined no-nasties list of ingredients that you will absolutely not find in our products. We have worked with industry experts, formulators and product developers over many years to create our own robust definition of natural and safe ingredients for use in fragrances and personal care products. We continue to monitor research and regulatory information to ensure our products are the absolute best.

Our conscious choices mean we use as many natural and organic ingredients as possible, but may also use synthetic fragrance elements that are natural identicals to preserve endangered and vulnerable species (eg. Sandalwood) or as an alternative to an animal by-product (eg. musk). This gives our perfumer a large creative palette with which to create unique and complex fragrance experiences. Although synthetics often get a bad rap, some synthetics are safer than their natural alternatives, and some essential oils are quite irritable and contain allergens. We work closely with experts to monitor and understand the best ingredients from a holistic perspective. 

We are also very selective with the factories and packaging materials we use. We work closely with our factories to ensure they are trading both to a high quality manufacturing standard, but also with ethical working conditions. We visit our factories to ensure the conditions and methods of work are to our standard. Where possible we use FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified or recycled paper and make sure all other materials used are either reusable (your gift box) or refillable (your solid fragrance). 



The fragrance industry is not known for sharing openly about fragrance ingredients, often this is done to protect the IP of unique perfume and cologne compositions. We wanted to shed light on this, ask more questions than brands usually do and dig deeper into our supply chain to understand the exact composition of our fragrance range.

We want to create the safest fine fragrance and empower you to wear our fragrances with confidence. We want to lead a change towards transparency and provide you with the ingredients and potential allergens used in our fragrances so you can make the choice of what to put on your skin.

Some people associate all fragrance with toxic chemicals. Fragrance is a broad term for anything that has a scent and it isn't always bad. It's harmful ingredients that can often be present in fragrances that are bad, and because these are not required to be declared; it can be hard to know what is safe to use. We use our strict formulation guidelines to ensure our products are safe and free of nasties.

All our fragrances are made from ingredients approved by IFRA (International Fragrance Association) whose standards are built around the safe use of fragrance ingredients. We are also paraben free and palm oil free.