Creating Our New Functional Fragrance - Grounded

The Journey

The Narrative Lab team have certainly felt the strain of the last two years of extended lockdowns in Melbourne. It's been tough in many ways! Coming out of it (finally!), we wanted to have created something positive; a new fragrance designed to help with feelings of stress and anxiety, but also to have a grounding effect.

Here's where it began! For the last two years we've been reading studies from around the world to understand the positive and negative psychological effects on brain waves, when exposed to specific fragrant molecules. We've used this research to carefully select key ingredients that are proven to evoke feelings of wellbeing, relaxation and grounding.

We worked closely with our perfumer to find the fragrance that perfectly delivered in terms of it's aroma and these additional benefits. 'Grounded' is a first for our new range of fragrances with a function, expertly created to help in times of stress.

 The Fragrance

The top notes of Grounded are first apparent as a slightly sweet blackcurrant and citrus cocktail which is fresh and uplifting. The heart notes evolve into the rich and meditative woody tones of palo santo and jasmine, increasing feelings of wellbeing. The base notes of cedarwood help to soothe the mind and the body.

The hero of Grounded is Palo Santo, which comes from a tree that’s native to Peru, Ecuador, and other South American countries. It grows in dry tropical forests and produces very fragrant resin. In Spanish, palo santo means “holy wood.” and it is often burned as incense. Many people find the aroma of palo santo relaxing, so it’s commonly used to ease stress! It’s thought to have a purifying, cleansing effect on the body and mind. 

 The Effect

Mapping together the science of how fragrant molecules affect brain waves, together with research conducted by our team - we've been able to see the amazing effects of Grounded!

Here's what our customers had to say about Grounded during our research! 

“A beautiful and lively fragrance that reminded me of being outdoors in natural surroundings and hence had an overall calming effect. I also felt it gave me clarity and cleared my head.”

“Light and uplifting! It’s a beautiful fragrance, quite subtle but very soothing.”

“So far I'm loving it, one of the best fragrances I've smelt in a long time.”

“Really lovely scent, grounded is a very apt name for it. A few deep inhales and it remarkably helps to settle myself internally and externally. Very subtle, but with a really appealing smokey base. Very lovely.”

“The fragrance itself is a winner. Found myself just wanting to smell it more. Probably my new favourite from your range.”

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