The Proust Effect

'The Proust Effect' is the power of smell to evoke memories and emotions. This is made even more powerful in the current world we live in where the pandemic means overseas travel and visiting loved ones is mostly off the table.

Yet fragrance has the power to transport us to our favourite places, when fresh citrus reminds us of the Italian countryside or marine scents transport us to the Greek islands.
We can escape our homes for a moment through the power of scent. It can also remind us of our loved ones and great memories of times we enjoyed with them.

 We asked Jess from Muse Creative a few questions about life and to share about how the power of scent triggered a vivid memory for her.

Jess, tell us what you do?

"I am a professional Circus Artist (specialising in Hula Hoops) and have been training since I was 5 years old. I travel 11 months of the year, performing Internationally and across Australia.
Between touring and performing,  I work as a freelance photographer for a business I started called Muse Creative - a way to keep creative while the arts industry took a pandemic hit. I specialise in conscious brands and humans."

Where are you currently living?

"I am currently living in Berlin, Germany but I'm originally from Perth (hopefully I can get home soon!)"

What's your favourite Narrative fragrance?

“The Calling” is hands down my favourite Narrative Lab scent!!" 

Have you got a favourite fragrance memory?

"It happened to me today. I caught a whiff of my Oma’s perfume in a busy supermarket and did a full 360° spin to find her (she lives on the other side of the world, no chance!)

Warm hugs, fresh cookies and swimming lessons always came with that smell and it made me smile instantly to remember those moments with her.

Funny how a smell can trigger such a strong reaction huh?

Knowing which smells take you to a happier place (and those that do the opposite) is a handy skill to have when you need to hit the “pause” button on life."

Stuck at home and can't travel? 

Transport yourself to your favourite place using the power of fragrance! Check out our recommendations below.

Take me to a luscious green Rain Forest
with Renew Solid Fragrance  

Take me to Italy
with Crushing It Solid Fragrance 

Take me to a Bar in New York City
with The Calling Parfum Oil